What to Do When Your Rolex Submariner Stops Working


Welcome fellow Rolex enthusiasts! There’s nothing more disheartening than when your beloved timepiece suddenly stops ticking. The luxurious Rolex Submariner is a high-performance watch, but even it can experience issues that leave you scratching your head. In this article, we’ll be looking into the common reasons why a Rolex Submariner stops working and the measures you can take to resolve them. It’s important to remember that all hope is not lost when your Rolex stops working; sometimes, it can be a simple fix that has you back on time in no time!

The History of Rolex Submariner

Rolex has been creating magnificent watches since 1905, and the Submariner is one of their most popular models. First made in the 1950s, it has remained a favorite among watch collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Famous for its water resistance capability, the Rolex Submariner is designed for diving, as well as everyday wear.

The Submariner is not just a timepiece; it’s a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Rolex watches are considered to be among the most luxurious in the world, and the Submariner is one of the most sought-after models. Rolex enthusiasts consider it an investment, with many watches increasing in value over time.

The Common Causes of Rolex Submariner Stopping

The Rolex Submariner is a complex machine that requires regular maintenance to continue functioning correctly. Even with proper maintenance, issues can still arise that cause your Rolex Submariner to stop working. Here are some common reasons behind a Rolex Submariner stopping:

Causes of Rolex Submariner Stopping Explanation
The Watch is Not Wound One of the most common causes of a Rolex Submariner stopping is that it is not wound. This is especially true if you haven’t worn your watch for a while. A Rolex watch should be wound at least once every two weeks to keep the internal mechanisms in good working order.
A Broken Mainspring A broken mainspring could be the culprit behind a Rolex Submariner stopping. The mainspring powers the watch, and if it breaks or loses tension, the watch may stop.
Water Damage The Rolex Submariner is renowned for its water resistance capability, but it’s not infallible. If water gets into your watch, it can cause it to stop working.
Worn-Out Movement The movement is the internal mechanism that powers the watch, and if it wears out, it may stop working.
Dirty Movement If your Rolex Submariner has dirt or debris inside, it could disrupt the movement, causing it to stop working.
Magnetized Movement A magnetized movement can cause a Rolex Submariner to stop working. Exposure to magnetic fields can cause the internal mechanisms to become magnetized, which can cause them to run too fast or too slow, causing the watch to stop.
Worn out Battery Rolex Submariners powered by batteries typically last up to five years. If the battery is past its lifespan, it may cause the watch to stop working.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Rolex Submariner

The Advantages

Owning a Rolex Submariner has numerous advantages; the most significant being its durability and longevity. A Rolex Submariner is built to last and can withstand tough conditions, making it the perfect watch for everyday wear.

The Rolex Submariner is a recognizable symbol of wealth, class, and accomplishment. It’s a status symbol that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Rolex Submariners are also highly customizable, with many options for straps, bezels, and dials. It’s easy to make a Rolex Submariner uniquely yours.

The Disadvantages

There are also some disadvantages to owning a Rolex Submariner. The most significant being its hefty price tag. Rolex Submariners are among the most expensive watches on the market, making them unattainable for some.

Rolex Submariners require regular maintenance, which can be costly, and finding a licensed Rolex repair person can be difficult.

Finally, Rolex Submariners are a popular target for thieves. If not well secured, it’s easy to lose your prized asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Get My Rolex Submariner Serviced?

A Rolex Submariner should be serviced every five years to keep it in good working order.

Can I Service My Rolex Submariner Myself?

No, a licensed Rolex repair person should service your watch.

Does My Rolex Submariner Need Batteries?

It depends on the model. Some Rolex Submariners are powered by batteries, while others are automatic.

How Long Does a Rolex Submariner Battery Last?

A Rolex Submariner battery lasts up to five years.

How Do I Know If My Rolex Submariner is Water-Resistant?

Check the watch’s dial, which should indicate the watch’s water-resistance level.

How Do I Wind My Rolex Submariner?

Gently turn the crown clockwise until it stops. Don’t force it; overwinding can damage the watch.

Can I Wear My Rolex Submariner While Diving?

Yes, the Rolex Submariner is designed for diving and can withstand high pressure up to 300 meters.

Is It Normal for My Rolex Submariner to Lose Time?

No, it’s not normal for a Rolex Submariner to lose time. If your watch is losing time, it may need servicing.

Can I Replace My Rolex Submariner’s Bezel?

Yes, the bezel on a Rolex Submariner can be replaced, but it should be done by a licensed Rolex repair person.

Can I Shower with My Rolex Submariner?

Yes, you can shower with your Rolex Submariner, but it’s not recommended to wear it in hot water.

How Can I Tell If My Rolex Submariner is Authentic?

Look for the serial number on the watch and research it to ensure it matches the correct model and year.

Can I Polish My Rolex Submariner?

Yes, but it’s recommended to do it professionally to prevent damage to the watch.

Is It Normal for My Rolex Submariner to Tick Loudly?

No, it’s not normal for a Rolex Submariner to tick loudly. If you hear a loud ticking sound, it could be a sign that your watch needs servicing.


Your Rolex Submariner is an investment that needs proper maintenance to continue functioning correctly. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights into why your Rolex Submariner may have stopped working and what you can do to fix it. Remember, a Rolex Submariner is more than just a watch; it’s a symbol of luxury and status. Taking good care of it will ensure that it lasts for generations to come.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Rolex Submariner, don’t hesitate to take it in for servicing, and don’t attempt to fix it yourself. It’s critical to have a licensed Rolex repair person examine your watch for any issues.

Closing Disclaimer

This article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information provided in this article. Any action you take based on the information provided in this article is at your own risk.