The Ultimate Guide to Rolex Services: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to our guide on Rolex services! In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about Rolex services. Whether you’re a proud owner of a Rolex watch or considering buying one, understanding the services available will help you maintain your watch’s quality, longevity, and value.


Rolex is a Swiss luxury watchmaker renowned for producing high-quality watches since 1905. Rolex watches are known for their elegance, durability, and accurate timekeeping. However, like any mechanical device, a Rolex watch may require servicing to keep it functioning correctly.

Rolex watches are built to last for generations, and to ensure this, Rolex offers a range of services to help maintain the watch’s precision and value. Timely servicing is essential, and it is recommended that you service your Rolex every five years.

In this article, we will cover various aspects of Rolex services, including the types of services offered, the advantages and disadvantages, frequently asked questions, and more. So let’s dive in!

Types of Rolex Services Offered

Rolex offers various types of services to its customers. Below, we have listed some of the common types of Rolex services.

Complete Service

A complete service is a comprehensive service provided by Rolex that includes the disassembly, cleaning, oiling, regulating, reassembly, and testing of your watch. A complete service is recommended every five years to maintain the accuracy and longevity of your watch.

Partial Service

A partial service involves the replacement of parts that are damaged or worn out. This service is typically carried out when your watch is not keeping accurate time or is not working correctly. A partial service is recommended every two to three years.

Waterproofing Service

Rolex watches are water-resistant, but over time, the seals may wear out, and water may penetrate the watch. Rolex offers a waterproofing service that involves replacing the seals and testing the watch’s water resistance.

Bracelet Service

Rolex bracelets are also essential parts of the watch and should be serviced like the watch itself. Bracelet services include cleaning, polishing, and replacing worn-out parts.

Dial and Hands Service

The dial and hands of a Rolex watch are essential parts of the watch that require regular servicing. This service involves cleaning, restoring, and replacing damaged parts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rolex Services

Advantages of Rolex Services

1. Maintains Accuracy: Regular servicing ensures that your watch maintains its accuracy and precision.

2. Increases Longevity: Regular servicing helps to extend the life of your watch.

3. Protects the Watch’s Value: A well-maintained watch holds its value better than a watch that has been neglected.

4. Expert Servicing: Rolex has highly trained professionals who provide expert servicing to ensure that your watch is in top condition.

Disadvantages of Rolex Services

1. Cost: Rolex services can be expensive, and some services may require the replacement of expensive parts.

2. Service Time: Rolex services can take time, and you may be without your watch for a few weeks.

3. Limited Service Centers: Rolex has limited service centers worldwide, which may cause inconvenience for customers who live far from the service centers.

Rolex Services Table

Service Type Description Recommended Frequency
Complete Service Disassembly, cleaning, oiling, regulating, reassembly, and testing of your watch. Every five years
Partial Service Replacement of damaged or worn-out parts. Every two to three years
Waterproofing Service Replacement of seals and testing of water resistance. Every two years
Bracelet Service Cleaning, polishing, and replacing worn-out parts of the bracelet. Every two years
Dial and Hands Service Cleaning, restoring, and replacing damaged parts of the dial and hands. Every three to four years

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of Rolex services?

The cost of Rolex services varies depending on the service type, the model of the watch, and the condition of the watch.

2. How long does a Rolex service take?

A Rolex service can take anywhere from two to six weeks, depending on the service type and the availability of parts.

3. Can I service my Rolex myself?

No, it is not recommended to service your Rolex yourself. Rolex watches are complex mechanical devices that require the expertise of a trained professional.

4. What is the warranty on Rolex services?

Rolex offers a two-year warranty on all its services.

5. Can I get my Rolex serviced outside of an authorized service center?

We do not recommend getting your Rolex serviced by unauthorized service centers. Rolex has a limited number of authorized service centers worldwide, and these centers have trained professionals and genuine parts.

6. How often should I service my Rolex?

We recommend servicing your Rolex every five years.

7. What should I do if my Rolex is not keeping accurate time?

If your Rolex is not keeping accurate time, we recommend taking it to an authorized service center for servicing.

8. Can I wear my Rolex in water?

Rolex watches are water-resistant, but the water resistance may weaken over time. We recommend getting your watch tested for water resistance regularly.

9. Can I get a bracelet for my Rolex?

Yes, you can get a bracelet for your Rolex. Rolex offers a range of bracelets designed to fit its watches.

10. Can I get a new dial or hands for my Rolex?

Yes, you can get a new dial or hands for your Rolex. However, we recommend only getting genuine parts from an authorized service center.

11. Can I polish my Rolex at home?

No, we do not recommend polishing your Rolex at home. Polishing requires the use of specialized tools and techniques that only trained professionals have.

12. Can I get a custom engraving on my Rolex?

No, Rolex does not offer custom engravings on its watches.

13. What is the best way to care for my Rolex?

The best way to care for your Rolex is to keep it clean and dry and to service it regularly.


In conclusion, Rolex services are essential to maintaining the accuracy, longevity, and value of your watch. Regular servicing ensures that your watch is in top condition and helps prevent the need for costly repairs. Rolex offers a range of services, including complete service, partial service, waterproofing service, bracelet service, and dial and hands service. It’s essential to service your watch at an authorized service center to ensure that you get expert service and genuine parts. We hope that this guide has provided you with valuable information about Rolex services and how they can benefit you.

If you have any questions or concerns about Rolex services, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Closing Disclaimer

The information provided in this article is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, we do not take any responsibility for any damages or losses that may arise from the use of this information. We recommend that you consult with a trained professional before servicing your Rolex watch.