The Rolex 14060 m: The Perfect Dive Watch

Discover the Timepiece That Excites the Adventurer in You

Welcome, fellow horology enthusiasts! As you may know, Rolex has been one of the most iconic watch brands globally, known for producing luxury and durable timepieces. Among the many models they have, the Rolex 14060m is a dive watch that stands out. In this article, we’ll give a detailed account of why this timepiece is perfect for adventurous people.

What is the Rolex 14060 m?

The Rolex Submariner 14060m is a classic diving watch designed with brilliance, accuracy, and durability. It’s the predecessor of the Rolex Submariner 14060, and what sets it apart is the “m” in its name, which means “modified.” This modification is on the movement, which is now Calibre 3130 instead of Calibre 3000 in the 14060. The 14060m was produced between 1990 and 2012 and is known for its iconic design and features.

Let’s delve deeper into why the Rolex 14060 m is the perfect dive watch:

1. The Iconic Design

The Rolex 14060 m has a timeless design that has maintained its shape since its release in 1990. Its stainless steel case and bracelet give it a stylish yet robust look that can withstand any adventure. The black dial with luminous hour markers and hands makes it easy to read in all lighting conditions, and the unidirectional bezel is engraved with 60-minute graduations that are perfect for measuring elapsed diving time.

2. Water Resistance

The Rolex 14060 m has a water resistance of up to 300 meters, which is perfect for deep-sea diving. Its screw-down case back, crown, and Triplock winding crown ensure that water doesn’t get into the watch’s mechanical parts, making it a reliable timepiece for all water activities.

3. Accuracy

The accuracy of the Rolex 14060 m is unparalleled. Its movement calibre 3130 is known for its precision and reliability. The timepiece has a power reserve of 48 hours, and its frequency is 28,800 beats per hour. It has a stop-seconds function that allows for precise time setting and an instant date function.

4. Durability

The Rolex 14060 m is built to last. Its 904L stainless steel material is resistant to corrosion, and its sapphire crystal glass is scratch-resistant. The watch’s bracelet has a Fliplock clasp that secures it firmly on the wrist, and the case is protected by a scratch-resistant bezel. All these features make this timepiece sturdy and perfect for various outdoor activities.

5. Investment Value

The Rolex 14060 m is not only a timepiece for adventurers but also an excellent investment. Due to its timeless design and high-quality construction, it has become a collector’s item. Its value on the secondary market has increased over the years, making it a worthwhile investment for people who love watches.

6. Historical Significance

The Rolex 14060 m is a vital part of Rolex’s history. It is the last Submariner model to feature the all-black dial and no date display. It’s a watch that collectors hold in high esteem and reminisce over.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Rolex 14060 m


1. Timeless design

The Rolex 14060 m has a design that has remained unchanged for over 30 years. It’s a classic style that never goes out of fashion.

2. Water-resistant

The watch is water-resistant up to 300 meters deep, making it perfect for all water activities.

3. Investment value

The Rolex 14060 m has a high value on the secondary market, making it a worthwhile investment.

4. High-quality construction

The watch is made of high-quality materials, making it durable and sturdy.


1. No date function

The Rolex 14060 m does not have a date function, which can be an inconvenience for some people.

2. Expensive

The Rolex 14060 m is an expensive watch, making it inaccessible to some people.

3. Limited availability

As the Rolex 14060 m is no longer in production, it can be challenging to find a new one in stores.

The Rolex 14060 m Table:

Feature Rolex 14060 m Details
Model Submariner
Material Stainless Steel
Bezel Unidirectional rotatable
Glass Sapphire crystal
Dial Black with luminous hands and hour markers
Bracelet Oyster, flat three-piece links
Calibre 3130, Swiss-made
Power Reserve 48 Hours
Water Resistance 300 Meters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you swim with your Rolex 14060 m?

Yes, the watch is water-resistant up to 300 meters, making it perfect for swimming and other water activities.

2. How often should you service your Rolex 14060 m?

It’s recommended to service your Rolex 14060 m every five years to ensure it’s in good working condition.

3. Is the Rolex 14060 m an automatic watch?

Yes, the watch has an automatic movement with a power reserve of up to 48 hours.

4. How much does the Rolex 14060 m cost?

The price of the watch may vary depending on factors such as age, condition, and availability. However, it usually costs between $5,000 and $10,000.

5. What’s the difference between the Rolex 14060 and the 14060 m?

The Rolex 14060 m has a modified movement (Calibre 3130) while the 14060 has Calibre 3000. The 14060 m also has a higher water resistance rating and an engraved rehaut.

6. Can the Rolex 14060 m withstand magnetic fields?

Yes, the watch has a Parachrom hairspring that provides better resistance to magnetic fields than other hairsprings.

7. What’s the power reserve of the Rolex 14060 m?

The watch has a power reserve of 48 hours, meaning it can run for up to two days without being wound.

8. Is the Rolex 14060 m suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, the watch is versatile and perfect for everyday wear, thanks to its timeless design and durability.

9. Does the Rolex 14060 m have a date display?

No, the watch does not have a date display, which is a characteristic of classic Submariner models.

10. What’s the size of the Rolex 14060 m?

The watch has a 40mm case diameter and a thickness of 12.5mm, making it perfect for most wrist sizes.

11. Is the Rolex 14060 m a limited edition?

No, the watch is not a limited edition, but it was produced for a limited time between 1990 and 2012.

12. What’s the difference between Rolex 14060 m and 16610?

The Rolex 16610 is a successor to the 14060 m and has a date display feature that the 14060 m lacks. The watch’s overall design is also slightly different, with a larger hour marker and the word “Submariner” printed in green on the dial.

13. What’s the warranty on the Rolex 14060 m?

The watch comes with a five-year warranty from Rolex that covers defects and malfunctions.


The Rolex 14060 m is a remarkable dive watch that has cemented its place in Rolex’s history. Its timeless design, water resistance, accuracy, durability, and investment value make it a must-have for all watch enthusiasts. The watch is perfect for adventurers who love to explore the depths of the ocean, and its versatility makes it ideal for everyday wear. If you’re looking for a reliable and stylish dive watch, the Rolex 14060 m is undoubtedly the way to go.

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