Redefining Timekeeping: Exploring the Rolex 14000

Greetings watch enthusiasts and collectors! As we delve deeper into the world of luxury timepieces, one name that undoubtedly stands out is Rolex. Known for unparalleled craftsmanship, precision, and timeless elegance, Rolex has been a prominent force in the watchmaking industry for over a century. In this journal article, we will be exploring one of the brand’s most iconic models, the Rolex 14000, and taking an in-depth look at its features, advantages, and disadvantages.


The History of Rolex

Before we delve into the specifics of the Rolex 14000, let’s first take a glance at the brand’s illustrious history. Founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, Rolex quickly forged a reputation for quality and excellence. Over the years, Rolex has created many landmark innovations like the first waterproof watch, the Oyster, and the first self-winding mechanism. Today, Rolex is a name synonymous with luxury and prestige, and the Rolex 14000 is no exception.

The Rolex 14000 – A Brief Overview

The Rolex 14000 was launched in 1989 as a successor to the Rolex 14060. This model featured a 34mm case, a stainless steel bezel, and a sapphire crystal covering the dial. The Rolex 14000 was powered by a Caliber 3130 automatic movement and had a power reserve of 48 hours. It was also water-resistant up to 100 meters.

The Advantages of the Rolex 14000

One of the primary advantages of the Rolex 14000 is its timeless design. The watch’s clean and classic aesthetic makes it versatile and suitable for any occasion. Its size also makes it a perfect fit for people with smaller wrists. Another advantage of the Rolex 14000 is its robust construction, which ensures it remains durable and functional over a long time.

The Disadvantages of the Rolex 14000

On the flip side, the Rolex 14000 might not appeal to people who prefer larger watches as the 34mm size might seem too small. Additionally, its limited power reserve of 48 hours might be a downside for those who require longer power reserves.

The Rolex 14000 in Detail

Case and Bezel

The Rolex 14000 featured a 34mm stainless steel case that gave it a classic look and ensured its durability. It is also fitted with a stainless steel bezel that helps to protect the face of the watch from damage.

Dial and Hands

The dial of the Rolex 14000 features legible hour markers and hands that are finished with a luminescent coating. The dial is covered by a sapphire crystal that is scratch-resistant and ensures the watch remains in pristine condition for a long time.


As mentioned earlier, the Rolex 14000 is powered by a Caliber 3130 automatic movement, which is renowned for its accuracy and reliability. The movement has a power reserve of 48 hours and is fitted with a Parachrom hairspring that helps to protect the watch from shocks and temperature changes.


The Rolex 14000 comes with a stainless steel bracelet that features the brand’s patented Oysterlock clasp for maximum security and comfort.

Complete Table of Rolex 14000 Specifications

Brand Rolex
Model 14000
Case Material Stainless Steel
Case Diameter 34mm
Bezel Stainless Steel
Dial Black
Crystal Sapphire
Movement Caliber 3130
Power Reserve 48 hours
Bracelet Stainless Steel Oyster

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rolex 14000

1. What is the price range of a Rolex 14000?

The price of a new Rolex 14000 is around $5,000, while pre-owned models can be found for as low as $4,000.

2. How accurate is the Rolex 14000?

The Rolex 14000 is renowned for its accuracy, and its Caliber 3130 movement is a testament to Rolex’s commitment to precision.

3. Is the Rolex 14000 water-resistant?

Yes, the Rolex 14000 is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

4. How long is the power reserve of the Rolex 14000?

The Rolex 14000 has a power reserve of 48 hours.

5. What materials is the Rolex 14000 made of?

The Rolex 14000 is made of stainless steel, including its case, bezel, and bracelet.

6. How big is the Rolex 14000?

The Rolex 14000 has a case diameter of 34mm.

7. What kind of bracelet does the Rolex 14000 have?

The Rolex 14000 comes with a stainless steel Oyster bracelet.

8. How often does the Rolex 14000 need to be serviced?

Rolex recommends servicing the watch every 10 years, but it is advisable to have it checked every five years.

9. Can I wear the Rolex 14000 while swimming?

Yes, the Rolex 14000 is water-resistant up to 100 meters and can be worn while swimming.

10. Does the Rolex 14000 come with a warranty?

Yes, the Rolex 14000 comes with a 5-year warranty.

11. Is the Rolex 14000 a good investment?

Rolex watches have a reputation for retaining their value, and the Rolex 14000 is no exception.

12. What is the history of the Rolex Oyster bracelet?

The Rolex Oyster bracelet was introduced in 1947 and was the first bracelet to feature a folding clasp with a safety catch.

13. How can I tell if my Rolex 14000 is authentic?

There are several ways to authenticate a Rolex watch, including checking its serial number and examining its components and markings for signs of authenticity.


As we conclude our exploration of the Rolex 14000, it is clear that this model is a testament to Rolex’s commitment to quality, precision, and elegance. While it might not be the biggest watch around, it undoubtedly makes up for it in its timeless aesthetic and robust construction. For those looking for a watch that combines functionality with class, the Rolex 14000 is a definite must-have that will not disappoint.

Encouraging You to Take Action

If you’re in the market for a reliable and stylish watch, the Rolex 14000 is definitely worth considering. With its classic design and unparalleled craftsmanship, this model ensures that you have a timepiece that will stand the test of time.

Closing Disclaimer

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this article is accurate and up-to-date, we cannot guarantee that it is entirely error-free. It is essential to conduct further research and consult with a professional before making any significant purchase decisions.