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Black Milgauss Rolex: A Comprehensive Guide


Greetings, watch enthusiasts and those interested in purchasing a Rolex! Today, we will be discussing the black Milgauss Rolex. This watch has caught the attention of many due to its unique appearance and impressive features. If you’re looking to add a new watch to your collection, or simply curious about this particular model, this article is for you.

What is a Milgauss Rolex?

A Milgauss Rolex is a watch designed to resist magnetic fields. This innovation was specifically created for engineers and scientists whose work environments involved exposure to high levels of magnetic fields. The Milgauss can withstand up to 1,000 Gauss, whereas the average watch is only resistant to up to 60 Gauss. The Milgauss is a reliable watch that features a sporty yet elegant design, making it a popular choice among many.

What Makes the Black Milgauss Rolex Unique?

The black Milgauss Rolex is distinguishable by its unique appearance. The watch face is black with orange accents, which immediately catches the eye. It also features a green sapphire crystal, a unique feature to this model. The combination of these colors and materials creates a stylish and durable watch suitable for any occasion.

The Advantages and Disadvantages



The Milgauss Rolex is a reliable watch known for its durability and ability to withstand magnetic fields. This watch is an excellent investment for those who work in environments with high magnetic fields, as it ensures accurate timekeeping and longevity.


The black Milgauss Rolex is a stylish and unique watch that stands out among other Rolex models. The combination of black and orange with a green sapphire crystal creates a visually stunning watch suitable for any occasion.

Resale Value

Rolex watches, in general, hold their value well over time. The Milgauss, in particular, has maintained its popularity over the years, making it a wise investment for those looking to resell in the future.



The black Milgauss Rolex is on the pricier end of the spectrum, making it a significant investment for those looking to purchase a high-end watch. This price may be a turn-off for some, as it may be outside their budget or preference.


The Milgauss Rolex is a relatively heavy watch compared to other Rolex models, making it potentially uncomfortable for some wearers, especially during long periods of use.


The black Milgauss Rolex is a rare watch, with limited quantities manufactured per year. This rarity can make it difficult to find in stores and may require purchasing from a reseller or waiting for it to become available.

Complete Information Table

Black Milgauss Rolex: Complete Information
Water Resistance 100 m (330 ft)
Movement Perpetual, mechanical, self-winding with a magnetic shield
Power Reserve Approximately 48 hours
Case Size 40 mm
Material 904L stainless steel
Crystal Green sapphire, scratch-resistant
Bracelet Oyster, flat three-piece links
Clasp Oysterclasp with Easylink comfort extension link
Dial Black with orange accents
Lugs Integrated
Bezel Smooth
Certification Superlative Chronometer (COSC + Rolex certification)
Price Approximately $8,000 USD


FAQ 1: How Do I Care for My Black Milgauss Rolex?

To keep your black Milgauss Rolex in top shape, it’s recommended to clean it with a soft cloth regularly. Avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold, and avoid contact with chemicals. It’s also recommended to have it serviced by a professional watchmaker every few years to ensure it’s working correctly.

FAQ 2: Is the Green Sapphire Crystal Scratch-Resistant?

Yes, the green sapphire crystal on the black Milgauss Rolex is scratch-resistant.

FAQ 3: Can I Swim with My Black Milgauss Rolex?

Yes, the black Milgauss Rolex has a water resistance of 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

FAQ 4: How Accurate is the Black Milgauss Rolex?

The black Milgauss Rolex is a certified Superlative Chronometer, meaning it has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its accuracy. It’s one of the most accurate watches available.

FAQ 5: Why Is the Black Milgauss Rolex More Expensive Than Other Models?

The black Milgauss Rolex is a rare, limited-edition model that uses high-quality materials and features unique design elements, making it more expensive than other Rolex models.

FAQ 6: Is the Black Milgauss Rolex Suitable for Formal Occasions?

Yes, the black Milgauss Rolex is a stylish and elegant watch suitable for formal occasions.

FAQ 7: Is the Bracelet on the Black Milgauss Rolex Adjustable?

Yes, the bracelet on the black Milgauss Rolex has an Easylink comfort extension link to adjust the bracelet length.

FAQ 8: How Long is the Warranty on the Black Milgauss Rolex?

The warranty on the black Milgauss Rolex is five years.

FAQ 9: Can I Purchase the Black Milgauss Rolex Online?

Yes, it’s possible to purchase the black Milgauss Rolex online from authorized dealers or resellers.

FAQ 10: Does the Black Milgauss Rolex Come with a Box and Papers?

Yes, the black Milgauss Rolex comes with a box and papers, including the warranty card and instruction manual.

FAQ 11: Can I Customize My Black Milgauss Rolex?

Yes, it’s possible to customize your black Milgauss Rolex with different bracelets or bezels. However, it’s recommended to have it done by a professional watchmaker.

FAQ 12: How Long Will My Black Milgauss Rolex Last?

The black Milgauss Rolex is a durable and high-quality watch that, with proper care and maintenance, can last for generations.

FAQ 13: Is the Black Milgauss Rolex Worth the Investment?

The black Milgauss Rolex is a rare, collectible watch that offers both style and functionality. If you’re looking for a high-end watch that holds its value well over time, the black Milgauss Rolex is worth the investment.


In conclusion, the black Milgauss Rolex is a unique and impressive watch suitable for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish timepiece. While it may come with a higher price tag and weight, the durability, aesthetics, and resale value make it a wise investment for any watch enthusiast. As always, it’s important to take care of your watch to ensure it lasts for generations. We hope this guide has provided valuable information for those considering purchasing a black Milgauss Rolex.

Take Action

If you’re interested in purchasing a black Milgauss Rolex, visit an authorized dealer or reseller. Remember to do your research and verify the authenticity of your purchase to ensure you’re getting a high-quality and genuine Rolex watch.

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