The 1968 Rolex Datejust: A Look Back at a Timeless Classic

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the 1968 Rolex Datejust! 🕰️ Here, we will delve into the history and features of this iconic timepiece. As one of Rolex’s most beloved collections, the Datejust has been a mainstay in the luxury watch industry for over 70 years, and the 1968 model is no exception. Before we begin, we’d like to invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy this journey through time with us. ☕

The Introduction: What is the Rolex Datejust?

The Rolex Datejust was first introduced in 1945, as a modern and elegant watch that could be worn in any setting. The Datejust was the first watch to feature an automatically changing date, a revolutionary feature at the time. Over the years, the collection has undergone numerous updates and changes, but its timeless design and precision engineering have remained a constant.

In 1968, Rolex released a new version of the Datejust, featuring several upgrades and improvements. These changes included a larger case size, improved water resistance, and a new movement, among others. The 1968 Datejust is now considered a classic, and remains highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The History of the Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust has an illustrious history, dating back to its introduction in 1945. Its design was created by the legendary Hans Wilsdorf, who founded Rolex in 1905. Wilsdorf had a clear vision for the Datejust: he wanted a watch that could be worn in any setting, from the boardroom to the golf course.

The original Datejust featured a 36mm case, and was made from stainless steel, yellow gold, or a combination of both. Its most notable feature was the date display, which automatically changed at midnight. This was achieved through the use of a special mechanism inside the watch, known as the “instantaneous date change.”

Over the years, the Datejust has undergone numerous updates and changes, but one thing has remained constant: its timeless design. The modern Datejust is still instantly recognizable, with its iconic Oyster case and Cyclops lens over the date display.

The Features of the 1968 Rolex Datejust

The 1968 Rolex Datejust was a significant upgrade over its predecessor, featuring several improvements and new features. Here are some of the key features of the 1968 Datejust:

Feature Description
Case size Larger 36mm case
Movement New calibre 1570 movement
Water resistance Improved to 50 meters
Dial New matte dial with applied markers
Crystal Sapphire crystal (replacing the previous acrylic crystal)
Bracelet Oyster bracelet with solid links

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the 1968 Rolex Datejust

The Advantages

There are several advantages to owning a 1968 Rolex Datejust:

Timeless Design

The Rolex Datejust is an icon in the watch industry, known for its classic and elegant design. The 1968 model is no exception, with its larger case size and matte dial with applied markers.

High-Quality Construction

Rolex is known for its precision engineering and attention to detail. The 1968 Datejust is no exception, with its solid Oyster bracelet and sapphire crystal.


Rolex watches are known for their durability and reliability. The 1968 Datejust features a new calibre 1570 movement, which is renowned for its accuracy and dependability.

The Disadvantages

While the 1968 Rolex Datejust has many advantages, there are a few drawbacks to consider:


The 1968 Datejust is a highly sought-after watch, and as such, it commands a high price. This may be prohibitively expensive for some watch enthusiasts.


The 36mm case size of the 1968 Datejust may be too small for some wearers, especially those used to larger watches.

Lack of Modern Features

While the 1968 Datejust is a timeless classic, it lacks some of the modern features found in newer watches, such as a larger date display or a chronograph function.

The FAQs: Your Questions Answered

1. What is the price of a 1968 Rolex Datejust?

The price of a 1968 Rolex Datejust varies depending on its condition, rarity, and other factors. On average, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars for a well-preserved example.

2. What is the case size of the 1968 Rolex Datejust?

The 1968 Rolex Datejust features a 36mm case. This is slightly larger than the original 1945 model, which had a 34mm case.

3. What is the movement inside the 1968 Rolex Datejust?

The 1968 Rolex Datejust features a new calibre 1570 movement. This movement is renowned for its accuracy and reliability, and was used in many Rolex watches throughout the 1970s and 80s.

4. Is the 1968 Rolex Datejust water-resistant?

Yes, the 1968 Rolex Datejust is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters. This is an improvement over the original 1945 model, which was only water-resistant to 30 meters.

5. What is the crystal on the 1968 Rolex Datejust?

The 1968 Rolex Datejust features a sapphire crystal. This is an upgrade over the original 1945 model, which had an acrylic crystal.

6. What is the bracelet on the 1968 Rolex Datejust?

The 1968 Rolex Datejust features an Oyster bracelet with solid links. This bracelet is both durable and comfortable to wear.

7. Can I still buy a 1968 Rolex Datejust?

Yes, it is possible to find a 1968 Rolex Datejust for sale through various channels, such as dealers, auctions, and online marketplaces. However, due to its age and rarity, you may need to do some searching to find a quality example.

8. What is the history of the Rolex company?

The Rolex company was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. Originally based in London, the company moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919. Rolex has become one of the most prestigious and respected watch manufacturers in the world, known for its precision engineering and timeless design.

9. Why are Rolex watches so expensive?

Rolex watches are expensive due to several factors, including their high-quality construction, precision engineering, and iconic design. Additionally, Rolex watches are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, which drives up their value on the secondary market.

10. How do I care for my 1968 Rolex Datejust?

To care for your 1968 Rolex Datejust, it is important to keep it clean and dry, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or magnetic fields, and have it serviced regularly by a qualified watchmaker.

11. How often should I have my 1968 Rolex Datejust serviced?

Rolex recommends that its watches be serviced every 5-10 years, depending on usage and other factors. However, it is important to have your watch inspected regularly by a qualified watchmaker to ensure that it is functioning properly.

12. What is the warranty on a 1968 Rolex Datejust?

As a vintage watch, the 1968 Rolex Datejust is no longer covered by Rolex’s warranty. However, some dealers and resellers may offer their own warranties or guarantees.

13. Can I customize my 1968 Rolex Datejust?

While it is possible to customize a Rolex watch, it is generally not recommended, as it can diminish the value and authenticity of the watch. If you are interested in customizing your watch, it is important to consult with a qualified watchmaker or dealer.

The Conclusion: A Timeless Classic

Thank you for joining us on this journey through time with the 1968 Rolex Datejust. 🙏 We hope that this guide has given you a deeper appreciation for the history and features of this classic timepiece. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of watches, the Rolex Datejust is a watch that deserves to be on your radar. From its iconic design to its precision engineering, the Datejust is truly a timepiece for the ages.

If you’re interested in purchasing a 1968 Rolex Datejust, we encourage you to do your research and find a reputable dealer or reseller. Remember, a vintage watch is not just a timepiece, but a piece of history that deserves to be treated with care and respect.

Take Action: Find Your Perfect 1968 Rolex Datejust Today

If you’re ready to take the next step and add a 1968 Rolex Datejust to your watch collection, we encourage you to explore your options and find the perfect watch for you. Whether you prefer a stainless steel or gold case, a leather or bracelet strap, there are many different variations of the 1968 Datejust to choose from. We wish you the best of luck in your search, and hope that you find the perfect watch to treasure for years to come. 💎

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